Athens pilot involves 2 groups of 20 senior citizens over 65 years old that are active members of the Friendship Clubs of the Municipality of Athens. The majority of the participants/care receivers has an active social life and takes part in the daily activities at the Friendship Clubs e.g. gymnastic, dancing etc.
The pilot collects valuable data from the use of the City4Age mobile application that the care receivers have installed in their smartphones. The collected data such as distance and time of walking, visits in Points Of Interest etc. are subject to analysis in the scope of geriatric factors and indicators and the outcomes provide important details about their health condition and the quality of life of senior citizens. Hence, this application provides basic information on their mobility, their socialization and the frequency of their participation in activities. The aforementioned data in combination with personal interviewing such as detection questionnaires, demographics etc., are intended to facilitate the detection of behavioral changes and risks that can be associated with cognitive impairment (MCI) and dementia (frailty). More specifically, the schema for detection has been formulated including geriatric factors that are crucial for prevention of health risks in the elderly population. The schema is part of a detailed protocol, that include questions and exercises.
Finally, intervention is performed in order to encourage positive behavioural patterns, provided tips for a healthy lifestyle of seniors and information on the improvement of quality of life.