AIK XIN, Caregiver

Hi, my name is Aik and I am a caregiver here in Singapore working in CNTV centre, so I am a partner with IPAL-CNRS in City4Age project. We are centred in Singapore serving more than 100 clients and a lot of times we are facing issues regarding man power: we don’t have enough caregivers to take care of the many seniors. So we are excited and delighted to be a partner in this project and to be able to offer new technologies for seniors in the community and to solve the problem of manpower crunch.There many needs and challenges we are facing on the ground within the community: first of all the number of senior. A lot of times we are unable to face their needs so we are constantly looking for new technology or innovative solutions never existed before. We are looking to them in order to bring changes in the lives of seniors. So, from this research we find a meaningful cooperation: we are able to deploy a never used before technology and to monitor the frail signals of seniors and their daily living conditions. We are very pleased to have seniors being monitored with convenience of technology in our hands and being able to reach out them as they need.

SINGAPORE, January 2018