City4Age mobile application is fun to use. Through the use of the mobile app they have the opportunity to experience digital technology, and this motivates them! The mobile app was really easy to use from the beginning. Our members do exchange photos, record videos, circulate ideas and send messages to each other. Through the City4Age project, we are aware of their public social activity, as well as their physical activity and mobility. If needed, we are able to monitor them, check if they can come to the Friendship Club, track down the frequency of their participation and call them if necessary.This project has the potential to be helpful and to be further exploited. We would like to thank DAEM and the Municipality of Athens for the initiative to implement City4Age.This project really brought technology at the hands of our members, as they experience the full potential of a mobile device. They seem to appreciate walking and moving around more now, and many more have already expressed their desire to participate. Through the City4Age project, we -the care givers- came closer to various issues of the elderly and ways to tackle them.

ATHENS, January 2018