City4Age mobile application is very easy to use, I press “start” when I go out of my house and the application collects the data, namely my outdoor route. For me it is easy and helpful! I think that the application was helpful, easy and I didn’t have any problem. The application was very easy to use and I was very pleased because the project gave me the opportunity to become keener to technology. I would like to thank the City of Athens for this initiative. The City4Age project gave the opportunity to many members of the Friendship Club to be in contact, to solve their questions and issues through the meetings in the Club and to communicate among them for the project. In that way, we have a better communication among us. It is very easy and creative and we would like to thank again the Friendship Club and the City of Athens. We feel security and safety for our walking activities and we can monitor how many kilometres we walked. The project is very interesting, we like it, we participate with pleasure and we would like to thank the City of Athens for implementing this project in favour of us, the elderly citizens.

ATHENS, January 2018