Chris Price, Carereceiver, former Senior Local Government Manager, 69 years old

When you think towards the future, I think that these sorts of smart devices are going to be increasingly useful. I’m not sure that the device we have gives me what I would like to see. I would be interested in monitoring the heart rate. That would provide me with some information I don’t have. Also it would be quite easy to measure my temperature across the day, as that would be indicative of changes in my well-being. So I hope the device could become more useful in the future by incorporating other measures: I hope that collecting information about a lot of people on a continuing basis, which is the opposite to how the health service works at present, would provide the opportunity to see the changes in people over a long period of time. That might be indicative of early onset of some problems and I would value that feedback. In the end I hope that these devices will evolve and become more subtle in the way they tell me how I’m doing.

BIRMINGHAM, January 2018