DR. EDWIN SEET, Geriatrician

I am Dr. Edwin in cure hospital in Singapore. It’s a pleasure to share with you the innovative ideas that we have cooperating with IPAL-CNRS, as part of the City4Age project. The project is innovating technology to make more safe the elderly people. I’m an anesthesiologist in training: for us monitoring is key stone for our patient’s safeness. I have been monitoring 2 parameters, limitation of using the cure hospitalsWe are using new technology as, micro-bend, optical fibre sensors, cardiologic technology, used in a obtrusive way to monitor the patients.In last couple of months we could get ethics approval and we could test visibility and technology validation. With the preliminary results I am happy to report that they are promising and that we perhaps able to use this technology with elderly to make safer places for them. I hope City4Age projects will bring to an improvement of the health cases in the elderly.

SINGAPORE, January 2018