Dr. Luca Laghi, Consultant Geriatrician, Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham

Hello I am Luca Laghi. I am a Consultant Geriatrician, and I am used to spending every day taking care of people and treating disease. We can’t really carry on with the increasing number of people getting older, frailer and less able to do their normal daily activities. We really need to move forward in trying to prevent rather than cure only. Birmingham C4A is starting to answer this need and trying to find out a way to reach as many people as possible and trying to give them the right messages and information, and trying to prevent disability and frailty. This city needs that, as every other city in the world and I really wish this would happen as soon as possible. People will learn how important it is to be connected with other people, it will make easier to diagnose and hopefully be the first interface with the future GP’s. It will help us doctors and other health care assistants to reach as many of you as possible and give you a better service in the future.

BIRMINGHAM, January 2018