Intervention is a distinctive feature of the approach of City4Age to prevention. A variety of approaches and technical solutions is offered: each city/installation can utilize the components most useful in its context.
• Proactive intervention: streams of messages are sent over several technological channels. Messages concern education on various subjects, training, local opportunities (like events, special offers, shows, …). Text of messages and patterns of delivery are customized accordingly to the profile of each recipient.
• Behaviour change intervention: severe negative changes in behaviours relevant for health condition can be notified, in order to solicit proper reaction, awareness, and behaviour improvement.
• “Your data” intervention: “measures” are directly made available to the elderly (weekly and monthly) in order to raise awareness and stimulate self-improvement.
• Social intervention: all the above can also be shared with third parties, like families, relatives, friends, general practitioners, social assistant. Socializing intervention is a step toward social prevention.