The Lecce Pilot is coordinated by the City of Lecce, in cooperation with the University of Salento, Politecnico di Milano and with the active supervision of MultiMed Engineers and University of Pavia. All the operations are conducted in strict cooperation with two senior centers located in the “Stadio” neighborhood.
The pilot involves 24 elderly people.
Socialization and motility are the main factors to be considered: as a consequence, detection is deployed through the use of wearable devices as well as beacons placed in the participants houses, senior centers and shops/public places located in the nearby areas.
Local geriatric monitoring is guaranteed by a local medical specialist from University of Salento. The intervention actions are run by the City of Lecce, through the involvement of a local editorial editor who is in charge of identifying educational and informative resources of both general and (most important) local interest (e.g. events, opportunities for socializing, etc.), and of designing interventions to foster healthy behavior for the people involved.