The Singapore pilot site is focused on one Community Centre, involving about 23 citizens and the volunteers taking care of them. The focus is on Community Centers since they are public services present in the whole city of Singapore: thus, ensuring that the approach could be scaled to the whole city later on through the 107 Community Centers existing today is a high priority. Four main needs have been expressed by elder people and their carers: (1) socialization and communication in the community; (2) participation in meaningful activities during day time; (3) a sense of safety, at home and outside; (4) assistive services to perform basic activities of daily living. Therefore, interventions in this pilot site focus on helping elders remain socially active, while preserving their feeling of safety when out of home.
Detection of drops in social involvement (long stay at home, less time spent in the Community Center…) as well as unusual movements in places never visited before within the city are followed by intervention by the community center, in person or via smartphone.