Sustainable Services

The results of City4Age allow to build data-driven sustainable prevention services, for Mild Cognitive Impairment, Frailty or other syndromes that may affect various segments of a (possibly large) population.
• Screen out: thousands may be monitored; the small percentage needing specific attention is spotted. Operational costs are negligible (after initial investment of infrastructure).
• In depth investigation: for a few individuals, data need human analyses, using the interactive tools developed by City4Age. Operational costs are small.
• Self-improvement: basic data (relevant for the syndrome) are made available to individuals, fostering self-improvement of behaviour. Operational costs are negligible.
• Social-prevention: basic data (relevant for the syndrome) are made available to families and relatives, mobilizing communities for prevention. Operational costs are negligible.
• Behaviour tracking: alarming negative behaviour changes can be tracked and made available to individuals (self-improvement), families (social prevention), general practitioners (link to health systems), city officers (policy making) etc. Operational costs are negligible.
• Proactive intervention: provides knowledge, info, opportunities and means to raise awareness and improve behavior. Operational costs can be medium-high, depending on goals and context.